Skin Care Packaging Purchasing 101: What to Know When Purchasing Cosmetic Packaging Products

At Cosmetic Packaging Now, sadly one of the most common ways we gain a new client is a phone call or email that we call packaging panic. Usually it’s a stranger calling in for a solution for a problem that occured ordering from another packaging company. These problems can range from extended lead times, packaging not working with formulation, a factory in Asia took their money, or the quality of the packaging was not acceptable. Honestly, most of these kind of issues can been avoided. There can be many pitfalls when considering the best packaging container or packaging supplier for your product. Beyond “form & function” which are clearly critical in the latter stages of the selection process it is first wise to consider the following!

Here are 5 critical things to consider when purchasing cosmetic packaging products:

  1. Always determine shipping location of your future order, is your cosmetic packaging being shipped from the USA or Overseas?

 When you’re considering ordering packaging for your cosmetics, do you know your suppliers shipping “location” and shipping lead times? If your products are being shipped from Asia, it can add an additional 6 weeks of lead time shipping by ocean freight.  We ship all of our products from our distribution location in the United States, meaning our customers receive many different advantages. These advantages include:

  • Quick and easy shipment: You don’t have to wait for your products to be delivered from Asia. We pride ourselves in facilitating a more efficient distribution for your company with next-day shipping for all in-stock items.
  • Our top of the line products: We carry the highest quality, brand compliant, packaging products. When you place your cosmetics into our jars, containers, or use our pumps, we want the outside container to compliment the value on the inside.
  • More affordable prices: Because we ship out of the US, we can offer the lowest shipping prices available. We also don’t require you to order a certain amount, so your order can be as much or as little as you need!
    1. Does the wholesale cosmetic packing company require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) and is the component a stock item?

    Does the cosmetic packaging wholesale company you are considering purchasing from require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) and sell in stock items? “What’s the components MOQ and is it in stock?”, this is a question you always want to ask up front with your sales contact when picking packaging. Most skincare packaging companies have MOQs of 5,000 to 10,000 units per a item. This is due to their catalogs being custom packaging, these custom items will have additional production lead times of around 45 to 60 days. If the item is in-stock, their MOQ will be sold by case quantities most likely, which are sometimes over or not exact too the quantities you want to order. We are a unique skin care packaging company because we do not require any minimum order quantity restrictions and you can see online that are items are in stock. Because of this, customers are able to buy as few or as many units of each of our containers or bottles. Need just a couple of airless pump bottles? Want to check out our cosmetic jars? Order a few and see the quality for yourself.

    We allow our customers the convenience of ordering our products as needed to fit the needs of their company. We’re confident you’ll love the quality of our products to reorder when you need more. Our existing customers can testify to that, which leads us to point #3...

    1. Does the skin care packaging company have a trusted reputation?

    In our day in age, it is easier than ever to check a brand’s reputation in the cosmetic industry: Packaging Publications, Cosmetic Trade Associations, Google, Yelp, Facebook, Yotpo, and others make it incredibly easy for customers to leave reviews (and for YOU to read these reviews).

    1. Does the skin care packaging company offer helpful tips or Q&A on their website?

    Of course, we know there will be many questions concerning our products and processes. Unlike other skin care packaging companies, whose websites are only for e-commerce, we want our website to be helpful for all of our customers. Because of this, we have added a Help Center for Frequently Asked Questions. We have broken down our question topics into 6 different categories for easy and efficient searching. These categories include:

    • Cosmetic Packaging Questions
    • Packaging Decoration and Cartons Questions
    • Shipping & Delivery Questions
    • General Information Questions
    • Return Questions
    • Other Questions

    We hope our Help Center is a useful tool for all of our clients. However, if you find yourself asking a question not already answered on our website, you can call our headquarters at (469) 263-6538 or email us at

    1. Can you pay the way you prefer to pay?

      How many different payment services does the wholesale cosmetic packaging company accept?

      We know not everyone wants to pay the old-fashioned way. Many people prefer many different types of payment services. That’s why we allow our customers the luxury of different payment type options. The services we accept include:

      • Apple Pay
      • Amazon Pay
      • American Express
      • Discover
      • Google Pay
      • Mastercard
      • PayPal
      • Visa
      • JCB- Japan Credit Bureau
      • Diners Club

      We hope this spreads some light on purchasing not just from Cosmetic Packaging Now but from different suppliers and the questions you need to ask. Before you place an order that is bringing a concern, please reach out to us or view our helpful blogs such as our roundup of the Cosmetic Packaging Definitions you need to know. Our team has years of combined experience and technical training to help in your skincare packaging purchase to avoid a case of the packaging panic. We look forward your inquiries and look forward to assisting you with your questions.