The Best Hand Sanitizer Bottles and Pumps For Your Hand Sanitizer Bottle Packaging

With the increase in demand for homemade sanitizing products in recent months and no sign that this trend will slow any time soon, the need for empty hand sanitizer bottles has rocked the cosmetic packaging industry. Cosmetic Packaging Now offers a wide range of products that can be used for those who wish to make and package their own hand sanitizing products for personal use or for sale. 

Take a look at all of the wholesale cosmetic packaging products that Cosmetic Packaging Now has in stock to help you build your brand and successfully distribute hand sanitizers.


Wholesale Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Hand sanitizer can be packaged in many different forms as the product itself usually varies in consistency. Whether you choose to package your hand sanitizer in small, travel-sized containers or larger bottles, choosing empty hand sanitizer bottles that are made specifically to contain the chemicals within hand sanitizer is one of the most important aspects to packaging your product. Cosmetic Packaging Now carries airless cosmetic bottles and lotion pump bottles that can be used for hand sanitizer packaging with no mess or mishaps.


PP Airless 

The PP Airless bottles (Pure Collection) are a great hand sanitizer bottle option because the polypropylene material can handle the nature of the hazardous material found in hand sanitizer (the CDC recommends that hand sanitizer contains at least 60% alcohol). PP has an extremely high melting point at 320 degrees Fahrenheit, making this material perfect for carrying hand sanitizer. In addition to being the perfect material for storing ingredients commonly used in hand sanitizers, polypropylene (PP) is also a great eco-friendly cosmetic packaging solution.

Lotion Pump Bottles

Cosmetic Packaging Now’s lotion pump bottles (the Citizen Collection) are great for hand sanitizer packaging due to their capability of being paired with our lotion pump caps. The advanced pump engine guarantees clean dispensing of your sanitizing product. In addition, the clear outer wall of each bottle allows for unique branding opportunities.


Wholesale Hand Sanitizer Bottle Caps

Only half of the science to correctly packaging hand sanitizer solutions is the bottle in which it will be stored. Finding products that help effectively dispense the product is just as important. This is why Cosmetic Packaging Now also carries exclusive disc top caps that can easily be paired with the correct size of our Pure PP Cosmetic Plastic Bottles. In addition, our fine mist sprayers are the perfect  plastic bottle cap product to pair with hand sanitizer bottles that will contain a more liquid solution. If you’re looking for the perfect dispensing ratio, we also carry lotion pump dispensers that guarantee a perfect match to any PP bottle. 

Disc Top Caps

Just like the PP Airless Bottles, the Primal Collection disc top caps are also made out of recyclable polypropylene material. Due to the chemical makeup of the disc top caps, these products are guaranteed to hold up over time with the alcohol content within hand sanitizers.

Fine Mist Sprayers

Our fine mist sprayers are also composed of durable polypropylene material and are recyclable. An added benefit to pairing a fine mist sprayer with a hand sanitizer bottle is that the over caps are able to prevent unwanted discharge of the product when traveling or being stored. These caps are also great for sample products if you are looking to sell samples of a larger product line. 

Lotion Pumps

The advanced composition of the lotion pump dispensers are great for full dispensing capabilities of solutions such as hand sanitizer. The ribbed collar is great for easy opening and closing and the lotion pump itself is made of durable PP plastic construction. With the hand sanitizer lotion pump, each user has the capability of dispensing up to 2 ML of product per stroke. 


In conclusion, if you’re looking to start making your own hand sanitizer or simply want a new wholesale hand sanitizer bottle supplier, Cosmetic Packaging Now has everything you need! Shop our products online or contact us today to get in touch with a professional sales representative.