Airless Pump Bottles for Pharmacies: Everything You Need To Know

Airless pump bottles have risen in popularity in the cosmetic packaging industry due to the enhanced product protection provided by airless dispensing. This technology also makes airless pump bottles an excellent choice for pharmacies. Airless pump bottles are designed to preserve and protect formulas, ensuring users are getting the most out of their product down to the last drop. Read on to learn about the benefits of airless pump bottles for pharmaceutical products!


General Benefits of Airless Pump Bottles

Airless pump bottles are a popular option for creams, foundations, serums, light lotions, and more. Their sleek design makes them beneficial for cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging for a few different reasons.

  •  Product Preservation: Thanks to the revolutionary mechanics of airless pump engines, airless pump bottles never expose formulas to air. This means that the integrity of the product is preserved at a greater level than traditional bottles.
  • Double Wall: The double wall construction provides extra protection for your formula. Double walls keep the product secure and protect it from light.
  • Easy to Fill: Airless pump bottles are filled from the top and make for quick, accurate, no-mess filling.


Benefits of Airless Pump Bottles for Pharmacies

While airless pump bottles have universal benefits for any formula, the following are particularly beneficial for pharmaceutical use:

  •  Accurate Dosing: Each bottle size comes with a predetermined metered output, allowing users to dispense the same amount of product with each pump. This allows for more accurate dosing for medical formulas compared to bottles and jars without a pump.
  • Full Product Evacuation: Airless pump bottles are designed for the maximum amount of product evacuation. This means that users are able to dispense nearly all of the product, ensuring none goes to waste.
  • No Leaks: Once airless pump bottles are filled and sealed, there are virtually no opportunities for the product to leak. The securely sealed airtight pump also makes these bottles incredibly resistant to any tampering, which is crucial for medical formulas.

Cosmetic Packaging Now’s Airless Pump Bottles 

Our airless pump bottles for pharmacies are FDA sanctioned for cosmetic and pharmaceutical use and are available wholesale with no MOQ. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Size: Bottles are available in 5, 10, 15, 30, 50, 100, and 150 ML sizes. 
  • Material: Our airless pump bottles for pharmacies are made of polypropylene, a synthetic thermoplastic polymer, and are 100% recyclable. 
  • Color: Our airless pump bottles for pharmacies are available in glossy white with a frosted cap. 
    • Output: Each bottle size is designed to deliver precise output with each pump. Please see individual bottles listings for the specific metered output of each bottle size! 


    Airless pump bottles offer unparalleled product and formula protection in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. With an emphasis on product preservation, airless pump bottles for pharmacies allow you to make the most of your product. 

    Depending on your specific needs, we can help you find the perfect bottle for your pharmaceutical product. As we continue to revolutionize this industry, we are always coming up with new and improved designs to better serve our customers. Our Pure collection offers all the benefits of airless pump bottles with an eco-friendly design. Made from recyclable wholesale plastic and a pump made out of polypropylene, this collection of polypropylene bottles puts the customer first.

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