Airless Pump Bottles 101: Examples, Benefits, and Design Ideas to Give You Inspiration

Airless Pump Bottles have been on the rise for cosmetic packaging solutions. Suppliers say that today, consumers are more aware of the benefits of airless packaging—and credit brand marketers for the shift. This shift can be accredited to the increased product life that airless bottles provide. This is due to the new non-pressurized airless chamber technology that excludes dip tubes. Also, due to the demand for products with no or limited preservatives, airless bottles are great for natural and organic serums and creams.

“More brands are choosing airless bottles, so consumers are more aware of the convenience of airless dispensing… We might finally be moving away from the conventional action of dipping a finger into a jar of skin cream.”

Curtis Altmann, director of marketing fo Yonwoo/PKG

Below you will learn how airless bottles work, a showcase of our affordable and durable products, expert instructions on how to fill airless bottles, and an education on the different types of airless bottles. We know the value of the new and innovative airless packaging for cosmetics and we feel like our customers should be educated as well!

How do airless pump bottles work?

Airless bottles are considered a real breakthrough in cosmetic packaging innovation. Airless bottles prevent air exposure, which helps protect and conceal the skin care creams, serums, and foundations that are packaged in each container. Airless bottle packaging has helped increase shelf life in cosmetic packaging by 15% more.  The innovative technology used in these airless bottles include a diaphragm that rises to help evacuate the product and allows the substances within the bottles to be used without any waste left. These bottles are also popular for pharmaceutical products – check out our blog about airless pump bottles for pharmacies to learn more!

Advantages of using airless pump bottles as opposed to other cosmetic packaging containers includes:

  • The double wall of the airless bottle gives the customer the sense of using a luxury product. However, the double wall has a useful function and serves as a double-protector for the product inside.
  • The clear, plastic wall of the airless bottle is perfect for adding a brand logo to the outside. Also, it allows for the product coloration be view-able from the outside to the customer before purchasing.
  • Airless bottles are also perfect for sensitive products such as natural skin care cream, serums, foundations, and more. Also, thanks to the design and function of airless bottles, it provides no amount of wastage for the customer and their special product material.
  • The dosage is exact with every pump. Customers will get every drop of product due to the rising piston. This prevents customers from causing air contact and struggling to extract remaining product.  

Airless Bottle Showcase

The airless bottles in this picture showcase the styles of airless packaging CPN offers with our in-stock line. We specifically have the following in-stock collections:

    1. Airless Bottles: Our Luxe collection offers over 15 different products varying is size, color, and middle center fill.
    2. Airless Twist Up Bottles: Our Helix collection comes in a clear outside with white middle, which is perfect for adding a brand logo. 
    3. Airless Jars: Our Echo collection helps limit contamination of your luxury products.

How to Fill Airless Pump Bottles

Our experts know exactly the do’s and don’ts of filling airless pump bottles. Read these step-by-step directions for the correct way to fill airless bottles and ensure the best care for your products.

  1. Fill the sterile airless pump bottle all the way to the top with your desired skin care product over the shoulder for pump engine stem contact. It is very important to avoid bubbly fills!
  2. Next, screw on airless pump securely to guarantee a vacuum seal and allow the airless bottle to preserve the inside product.
  3. Clients will then need to prime the airless pump engine by 5 to 10 pumps to loosen the piston.  NOTE: If the bottle is not completely filled to the top, it will require more pumps to get the product out.
  4. The bottle is now ready for use!

The Different Types of Airless Packaging

There are many different types of Airless Packaging methods.

  1. Airless Pump Bottles - These are great for an all-in-one packaging solution that extends product life. The airless bottles also help to avoid sourcing multiple components.
  2. Dual Airless Pump Bottles - These are great for Multi Products or Multi Step Products.
  3. Airless Jars - With our airless jars, there is no contamination compared to regular jars.
  4. Glass Bottles with Airless Pump Bag Systems - The fact that these are glass are great because they can be recycled!
  5. Airless Eye Treatment Bottles - These airless bottles have a great take on airless solutions compared to the classic roller ball style of other bottles.


Now you know what our experts know. It is time to start making expert decisions for your cosmetic packaging needs. To view our entire product line, visit our collections page and read about our in-stock products. If you would like to learn more, contact us today and start your journey Cosmetic Packaging Now.