Insider Tips: 10 Questions to Consider for Perfect Lip Gloss Packaging

            If you’re launching a lip gloss brand or expanding your cosmetic company to include gorgeous glosses, it’s important to source high-quality cosmetic containers that protect and show off the quality inside. Lip gloss tubes are more than just a functional necessity – they are the core of your customer’s first impression. Cheap-looking lip gloss packaging or a messy, leaking tube can instantly ruin a buyer’s experience, regardless of whether or not they like the gloss itself.

            This comprehensive guide is filled with essential questions and insider tips to help you determine your brand’s unique style and find the right packaging partner.

  1. Do I want to package my lip gloss in jars or tubes?

Tubes are the most common packaging choice, but it’s not the only option. If you’re creating a thicker, more balm-like lip gloss formula with firm beeswax or shea butter, you might want to consider a jar! Jars are also an option for highly-pigmented glosses that need to be applied with a specialized makeup brush. For the rest of the guide, let’s assume that you’re choosing traditional tube packaging.

  1. What size of tube do I want?

Some wholesale suppliers of lip gloss containers offer a wide range of size options, but 3ml is standard for empty lip gloss tubes. Also, you should consider if you need tester and sample-sized tubes. Ask your packaging partner if they can do both.

  1. Will my product look better in a frosted or clear tube?

Both style options have their perks! Pigmented and iridescent lip gloss formulas typically look best in clear tubes because it makes it easier to compare colors and see shimmer. Frosted tubes add a level of luxurious sophistication and look stunning with lighter or non-pigmented glosses.

  1. Do I want a classic tube or an artistic shape?

The packaging that you choose should reflect the core personality of your brand. The classic tube is designed that way for a reason – it allows customers to access the maximum amount of product and offers a compact, travel-friendly design. However, if you’re launching an off-beat, avant-garde lip gloss brand, you might prefer to break away from the norm with a uniquely molded bottle shape.

  1. How should I cap off my tube?

Most lip gloss brands choose neutral colors like black, silver, and gold to support the unique color and shine of the formula inside. A matte cap adds a modern sense of contrast, whereas a shiny cap reinforces the reflective, glossy finish!

  1. Do I need to choose an applicator?

A ‘doe foot’ applicator is the industry standard for lip gloss containers, and it has an easy-to-use contoured shape that your customers are already used to. Some suppliers offer different kinds of applicator shapes and styles, but the material quality is often most important to consumers. For clean application, look for a durable applicator that is made with synthetic hytrel and natural fibers.

  1. Do the cosmetic packaging supplies come with labels?

If convenience is your top priority, you may want to find a supplier that offers in-house design and printing for a one-stop-shop, but it will come at a price. You are more likely to find better wholesale prices by working with separate tube suppliers and printers. Enjoy both affordable packaging and convenience by asking your supplier if they can ship directly to the label silk-screen company!

  1. Does the lip gloss tube seal?

This one is a no-brainer, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Unfortunately, some cheap suppliers cut costs too low to support quality. Run tests before launch with a variety of different formulas and tubes at different temperatures to make sure that your products never leak, spill, or risk contamination once they’re in the hands of your customers.

  1. Does the supplier have a minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantities (MOQ) are fairly common in the industry, but it’s more difficult to make packaging changes, fulfill last-minute orders, and boost stock in small batches. Look for a supplier with no MOQ so that you have flexibility to purchase what you need, when you need it. This also allows you to purchase low-cost samples for testing before committing to a large order.

  1. Where is the supplier located?

Fast shipping times and clear communication are essential, especially during the launch phase of your lip gloss brand! While comparing cost-effective, high-quality packaging options that fit your brand style, you should also consider the supplier’s native language, time zone, and shipping speed. For domestic suppliers, you shouldn’t accept anything longer than 24-48-hour order fulfillment!